I love dancing, probably second only to poetry. In my life, I’ve done ballroom, modern, square dance, contra dance, danced in musicals, pole dance, Egyptian belly dance, Persian and Moroccan dance and Lindy Hop. So, when Buddy Wakefield asked me to take an East Coast Swing class with him at Century Ballroom, I said a definitive yes.

We both love it, but the instructors really want us to rotate partners every few minutes and Buddy and I refuse to be separated. As my new prospective lead approaches our couple, Buddy says something like, “Sorry man, she’s been hitting on me all night and she really doesn’t want me to leave.” So far, no one in dance class has fallen for our obvious charm.

East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing

Last night I went to Neumos for KEXP’s MLK Dance Party. DJs actually mix in parts of Dr. King’s speeches. Seattle is insanely lucky to Have Riz Rollins. Riz is half hot DJ and half poetic powerhouse who has blown me away in both settings. He is also a wickedly nice person. Riz used to teach for Seattle Arts & Lectures’ Writers in the Schools program where I teach now.

The night before I went to a new night at the Baltic Room called “Dance! Effing Dance!” It was a good night for the Baltic Room because it wasn’t too crowded and good people were everywhere.

Oh, I also took my first Nia class. Honestly, I kind of felt like I was copping out of my workout, but it was fun nonetheless and reminded me of my first ever dance class that my mother took me to when I was six. I distinctly remember trying very hard to follow the teacher’s instructions and dance as if I were a leaf falling… falling to the ground. After class, I asked my mom if I looked like a leaf and she said, “Yes! Just exactly like a leaf.”

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