The Slam 1/21

The Seattle Poetry Slam was so hot last night!

Check out Andi’s Flickr page for photos.

Our feature was Cowboy Cass. I’ve heard poems here and there by Cass but never a full set before. I’ve got to say, I was very impressed. Cass is an excellent writer. I get the feeling he has a novel in his body trying to get out. His poems managed to be honest, personal and interesting. I was riveted to the whole feature. It is always the poets who claim they aren’t funny who manage to make you laugh.

I don’t have my score sheet, so I’m relying on my questionable memory for the slam update. Jodie Knowles did a fantastic new piece but drew the 1 and so was out after the first round. But, great writing Jodie! All of round 1 was impressive.

But, it was Round 2 that blew my doors off last night. I’ve been involved in slam for now, officially, ten years and this was a truly great bout. Slammers were St. Even, Sarah Sapienza, Sara Brickman, Dry Martinez (latest stage name by Eirean Bradley) and Greg B.

Steven did a response to a poem I wrote called “Duel,” also known as the cowboy poem. It was about the man he wants to be. I wanted to cry during this poem. Having a man get up and declare himself like that was truly powerful. I’m tempted to retire my poem, only because I feel like it has been answered. I’ll post the video for this after it goes up on the slam youtube site.

Sarah Sapienza is a wildly talented writer who could easily move into writing fiction if she wanted. I love everything about her performance too. The poem about her father and West Side Story kills me. Sara Brickman, what can I say? I love this girl ten ways to Friday. She’s such a talent and has been killing it at the slam this season. She’s going to get her own post here soon. Greg B was reading all new work last night and shining in every round.

The winner, and astounding presence last night was Eirean Bradley. He might hate me for using his real name because he is tightly tied to the anonymity of stage names. Forgive me Eirean. Eirean is so old school that he quit slam the year I started. Eirean’s first National Poetry Slam was 1995. If you talk to Eirean, he likes to act as if he has an old school slam style and he will tell you he has “just figured out the formula.” But, I can’t agree. Particularly his second poem, about going to church, had power and originality and sound purpose. He looked like a master last night, like someone who has studied and worked at this long enough to mark out his own unique style. We are lucky to have him in Seattle.

Come out next week. Coy King will be in town!

As always, none of this would be possible with our own SlamMaster Daemond Arrindell.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by GregBee on January 22, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Agreed! Eirean was HOT last night and such a gracious co-competitor.


  2. Posted by Sharky LaFontaine on January 22, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    thank you for the compliments, I aim to impress and it’s hard not to be pushed to your best around such a faculous group.


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