Poetry Slam 1/28

That’s what I’m talking about!

Last night was the last open slam before Seattle Poetry Slam’s second semi-final slam. For incredible pics of the slam, check out Andi’s flickr page.

This is the time in the slam season when things really start heating up! Our feature last night was my old and well loved friend Coy King. Coy and I started out in the Seattle Slam at exactly the same time about 8 years ago. We were the new kids together. Coy has since moved back to the South East and really launched his music career. It was great to see him back on our stage.

The slam was so good. It was one of those quirky, anything-can-happen nights I love at the Seattle Slam.

I have to take credit for forcing my next door neighbor and besty Roberto Ascalon to put his name in the hat. Roberto is an old school slammer and amazing poet who rarely struts his stuff these days. He wanted to see if he “still had it.” Verdict is yes, Roberto, you still have “it.” Roberto’s favorite poem of the night was a loving hateful look at Seattle culture called “I Anonymous.” My favorite lines: “I anonymous, I have no God,” and “…loves me fair trady.”

Sarah Sapienza was glorious as always. Sarah writes these perfectly pitched narrative poems with immaculate structure. She does exactly what I love so I’m always giddy when she gets on the mike. She did not disappoint, although her scores in the final round disappointed me. Still, enough to get her into the semi-final.

But, slammers, let me warn you. If you find yourself in a slam with Jack McCarthy and he is on that night and the sound in the venue is good, I suggest you either feed steroids to your A game or bow out gracefully. Jack was the audience darling last night after his first poem about Sisyphus. We are so lucky to have Jack in Seattle. Sorry Cantab but…suck it.

Why are these poets ripping off their arms and swinging them at one another? Well to get spots in next week’s Semi-Final Slam of course. Whey is that important? Because next week, we will give away two more spots in our Grand Slam, SPS’s big show of the year.

The Grand Slam, featuring slam legend Patricia Smith on Sunday, April 26 at Neumos.

The semi-final slam next week is going to be HOT!! Due to a tie, we had to take 10 poets into the semi. It is going to be soooo crazy. Possibly the best slam of the year. I’m hosting and the SlamMaster for the legendary Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe Mahogany Browne is our feature!! (Mahogany is also doing a free show at UW Tacoma on Tuesday.) Here are (to my memory) the poets in the next semi-final:

Eirean Bradley

Sara Brickman

Sarah Sapienza

Matt Gano

Greg B


St. Even

Roberto Ascalon

Jack McCarthy

Jennifer Pritchard

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by GregBee on January 29, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Roberto WAS hot on stage last night, wasn’t he? I was saying to Dan last night that Roberto always connects brilliantly to his audience (deliberate choice of “his”, there) and last night was no exception.

    Ken Sandin was someone I had never seen before last night and I loved his work.

    Ditto about Jack McCarthy. The Sisyphus poem was deceptive in its simplicity, but there were themes of gods and laws and punishment and fear of change that were so elegantly wrapped up in that piece, and the audience freaking loved it (OK, I freaking loved it, too).

    I’m in the semi-final with him next week and what I love is that while I know what kind of competition he will be for me in that show, he told me last night that he considers me that level of competition as well.

    I love our little Slam community!


  2. Posted by cmb adams on February 4, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Our feature last night was my old and well loved friend Coy King.

    did he do “hooked”?


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