Follow ups, changes and Jeanann Verlee tonight!

Hello and welcome faithful blog readers! I have a few posts that I wanted to follow up on and some random fun notes for you today. Let’s get started…



The other day I plopped down on the bus and gazed, distracted, through the plastic window in front of me. After a few minutes, I realized that the initials carved into it were my own.

From Blog “Slam 3/4”: The woman who won the slam that week is Toya! Thanks to everyone who commented and welcome to town Toya!

From Blog “A Love Letter to Salt Lines”: My intention in this blog was not to review the women performing in Salt Lines (I didn’t feel like I could do it justice) and instead talk about regional voice in slam. As a result, I didn’t do justice to either! I said very little about Andrea Gibson, whose poem about her home town in Maine seemed to transport the entire audience with her in a reBar-sized space ship back to that time and place. Andrea is an amazing writer (2008 Women of the World Champion!) and I’m sorry I didn’t say more about her work. I also did not mean to imply that Denver isn’t full of amazing writers. I complimented Denver’s performance because they have managed to pull off some of the best performances I’ve seen on finals stage (group pieces galore!) There was no hidden jab at their writing abilities intended! Forgive me Denver! Feel the love!

From Blog “Poetry Slam 2/11”: Jive Poetic wrote to me on facebook with more information about Tracy Smothers, the woman he talks about in his poem comparing her life with OJ Simpson’s. Thanks for sending more information Jive! He is trying to get an interview with her now.

From the Blog that is still to come “Slam 3/11”: Jeanann Verlee is our feature at the slam tonight. DO NOT MISS THIS!! She was maybe my biggest “wow” factor at nationals this year. She is the future. She will be performing with me this Friday opening for J.W. Baz’s one man show at Fremont Abbey. See my “upcoming” page for details.

From last night: I featured at an event last night called, “The Single Malt Scotch Poetry Slam” at the Canoe Social Club in the old Wing Luke Museum space in the ID. Based on the same event hosted at the Bowery Poetry Club, one poet was served with each scotch and we voted on favorite scotch rather than favorite poet. It was an honor to read with such talented poets: Arne Phil, Kary Wayson, Nico Vassilakis and a also to hang out with our super cool host and all around nice guy writer Doug Nufer. Thanks everyone.

From the Blog that didn’t happen, “Youth Speaks at Youngstown”: I was too busy to blog about the last Youth Speaks slam at Youngstown on March 6. Also, my brain melted out of my ear after the show (too much great poetry) so I didn’t have a brain to blog with. I put it out there that I would love a youth poet to be a guest blogger for Y.S. events and I’m still hoping someone volunteers. Holler.

Randy Engstrom, Denise Jolly, Andrew, Matt Gano

Randy Engstrom, Denise Jolly, Andrew, Matt Gano

Help us, our brains are melting

Help us, our brains are melting

Roberto Ascalon and Angela Dy

Roberto Ascalon and Angela Dy

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