Seattle Slam 3/18 and WOWps in Progress and Ugly Betty

Hey gang,

Reports are rolling in from the Women of the World Poetry Slam as I write. I’m getting texts from lots of ladies reporting amazing poetry, lots of love, but low audience attendance and some wack bouts. Maya Hersh told me that 5 minutes after show time her bout had two audience members and they tried to make a 10-year-old a judge. Having done more emcee/bout mgr. shifts at NPS than most, I’m not throwing stones. When you have no audience, what can you do? But, it does make for a seriously difficult playing field.

Updates on ranking and scores as well as the bout draw are available here on the WOWps website. Check on Tara Hardy and our Fierce Five representing Seattle.

Imagine all our ladies getting 10s tonight!

Imagine all our ladies getting 10s tonight!

Apparently, the prime time show “Ugly Betty” this week featured scenes of a “poetry slam” at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. I hear it is wretched. The truth is that I don’t really want to see it, but for the sake of reviewing spoken word and pop culture, I checked around youtube. If anyone can send me a link, please do.

And now, for the slam wrap up. I’m sorry to say that a migraine headache made me miss our open mike a feature this week. My apology that there is no wrap up here! The most exciting thing I saw about this weeks Seattle Poetry Slam at Spitfire on Wednesday was the number of new voices in the slam. Slam season is wrapping up, y’all! There are only two open slams and one wild car slam left for anyone trying to make it into the Grand Slam this year! We had 16 folks put their names into the slam hat this week. Daemond and Roberto mitigated the situation by taking 10 folks into the open mike and 10 into the slam. We try so hard to get everyone on the mike at the slam, but this does make for a long show and a difficult slam for anyone who reads early.

Round 1:

Sac: Michael Guinn visiting from Texas! So exciting to have slam visitors with us! A funny poem well performed.

1. Dunce Apprentice: Nice performance style and I liked his physicality on stage. His poem was a complex argument involving being an artist and God. I would have to hear it again to grasp it.

2. St. Even: It is so exciting to watch someone blossom into a performer. Steven is finding his power on stage. Just keep watching y’all.

3. Cody: Best line: describes his body as “this little cardiac holding cell.” A new voice!

4. Dusty Rose: I don’t know where she came from but she’s great. This poem about her dad was wonderful. Roughly remembered line, “My dad could squeeze the space between what and what if flat.”

5. Jorge: An interesting performance. Jorge almost seemed to relive some trauma on stage in an intimate way. Glad to see a new style.

6. Dain Michael Down: A great reading. I’m so happy we have Dain in our town. He’s a good poet and a super nice guy!

7. Sarah Sapienza: I’ve already reviewed Sarah’s new poem. Lovely.

8. Greg Bee: Well played sir! Part of doing well in slam is knowing when to perform which poem. Greg smelled the need for funny in the room and he brought funny. A great performance.

9 Phil Long: I met Phil at the Individual World Poetry Slam this year in Charlotte. Miraculously, he discovered slam and just decided to throw his hat in the ring. He’s been improving consistently since. Nice stage presence.

10. Roma Rae: I love Roma Rae! What a unique voice! Always a pleasure to watch!

At the end of the night, the chips fell like this:

1st place: Greg Bee

2nd place: Sarah Sapienza

3rd place: Dusty Rose

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeanann on March 22, 2009 at 2:36 am

    The producers for Ugly Betty kicked Urbana out of the Bowery Poetry Club the night they filmed their “slam.” We have a decade-running, award-winning poetry slam featuring some of the best poets from across the nation and they tossed us out for a mock-up! I’m so sad (yet not at all surprised) to hear it was “wretched.” Dangit!


  2. Although I’ve never seen Ugly Betty, Tivo thought I would like it and recorded it. I fast forwarded to the “Slam” scene and it didn’t seem horrible. The ‘Slam’ wasn’t the focus of the scene, so I think it would be easy to miss.


  3. Posted by mckfrock on March 22, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    Yes, I watched it too and it wasn’t the hideous shame-fest I expected from a major network doing a sitcom version of a poetry reading. I kept expecting to see Shappy behind the bar!


  4. I don’t think the Ugly Betty scene was appalling either, though it would’ve been a fun plot bonus to see the character’s poem actually get scored.


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