Fearless Solo Performance Class Wraps

Saturday was the last day for my “Fearless Solo Performance” Class for teens at Richard Hugo House.

This is easily and by far the most fun I have ever had teaching a class. When I was a kid, I watched the t.v. show “Fame” religiously. It was about a high school for artist kids starring Debbie Allen as the intensely demanding but ultimately loving dance teacher. This class was like a cooler version of that show with less drama and fewer leotards.

The cast of Fame, 2009

The cast of Fame, 2009

The class went for 4 consecutive Saturdays, 2 hours each. We did free writes each week, (oh, I cannot WAIT for these poems to hit the open mikes and slams), followed by basic performance techniques like: how to take the stage, adjust the mike, plant your feet, decide what your hands want to do, enunciate, be genuine and vulnerable with an audience. We even had a special drop-in set of performance tips from spoken word phenom and spiritual stylist Christa Bell.

Hannah, one of the many astounding talents in this class

Hannah, one of the many astounding talents in this class

I’m gong to miss this class so much! These writers are superb. Expect to see them tearing up stages all over the city and remember I told you they were coming.

Melinda during performance workshopping

Melinda during performance workshopping

Based on the success of this class, Hugo House’s Youth Programs Manager Margot Case and I are talking about offering up to 3 spoken word classes at Hugo House next year, each focusing on a different aspect of performance poetry. Keep your eyes out!

For adults interested in doing an intensive this summer in generating new work at Hugo, I will be teaching an afternoon class in July called, “Become a Powerful Generator.” More on dates, etc soon!

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  1. Karen, the work you did in this class must have been AWESOME…it produced a first-time-slamming-grand-slam-finalist! Congrats Shanay!


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