National Poetry Month stole my Blog!

Hello readers. Please forgive the conspicuous lack of postings for the month of April. I’ve been busy as a bee on National Honey Month!

Here is a highlight of my excuses for not blogging:

  • My manuscript for consideration by small publishing house Write Bloody Publishing is due on April 30. Humble thanks to Chicago poet and fellow finalist Robbie Q who spent 4 hours on the phone with me combing through my gratuitous use of words like “hands” and “heart.” His suggestion, “maybe you could challenge yourself to only using the word heart five times in your manuscript.” In today’s draft, I might be down to thirty. Watch for the imminent release of Seattle’s Danny Sherrard on Write Bloody in the coming month.
  • Derrick Brown, founder of aforementioned press and one of my top three favorite poets, had airport troubles and had to fly into Seattle early for his feature. I was kicking it with Derrick (who Buddy Wakefield calls the BEST spoken word artist in the country), and Buddy this week. The most interesting information I culled from Derrick…when he writes a poem, he envisions reading it to someone who doesn’t like poetry. Derrick featured at The Seattle Poetry Slam this week and it may be the best feature we’ve EVER had! Derrick’s new book, “Scandalabra” is available now on Write Bloody. BUY IT
  • It is sunny outside and who knows for how long.
  • In just two days (SUNDAY, APRIL 26) I will be performing in Seattle’s GRAND SLAM!! Get your tickets now, folks. The show features Patricia Smith, old school slam legend who has graduated to poetry legend. Seattle Arts and Lectures wanted to bring her for their poetry series, and somehow our little slam got her to feature. This is going to be a rare treat. And now, for the folks competing to represent Seattle on the 2009 Seattle Slam Team (in order that they qualified):
  1. Karen Finneyfrock
  2. Maya Hersh
  3. eLa Barton
  4. Matt Gano
  5. Tara Hardy
  6. Sara Brickman
  7. Greg Bee
  8. Jack McCarth

I’ve been busy rehearsing and praying. We will also have special guests including, but not limited to, Buddy Wakefield, Steven Wilber, Sarah Sapienza and more.Don’t miss this show!

As a result of all this, I haven’t made it to a lot of other poetry events lately. However, I would like to promote this one for the folks at Seattle Art Museum:

SAM Word

Curated by Richard Kenney

Thursday, May 14, 2009, 8-9 p.m.

South Hall, Seattle Art Museum Downtown

Renowned poet Richard Kenney curates two evenings of the written word inspired by SAM’s current exhibitions of American art. Tonight’s reading features Eric McHenry, Cody Walker, Jason Whitmarsh and Catherine Wing.

With special hosts ranging from spoken word poets to literary figures, these evenings of words as art are at once intimate and engaging.

Free and open to the public.

One response to this post.

  1. Good Luck, Karen.

    I wont be there ( Unemployed), but I wish you, and everyone involved, the best.


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