In Memory of Gabrielle Bouliane, Indiefeed

By now, most poets in the spoken word community have heard the news that poet, organizer, videographer and cherished friend Gabrielle Bouliane passed away last week after a fight with cancer. A long-time poetry organizer in Seattle, Gabrielle ran a series of open mike poetry readings in the 1990s-2000s under the name “Salon.” She was a member of Seattle’s National Slam Team, created and managed the “Poetry Factory” as part of Eleventh Hour Productions and helped produce the Seattle Poetry Festival as well as the National Poetry Slam in Seattle in 2001. In addition to her many video projects, Gabrielle created the website Live Poets, showcasing the work of spoken word artists from all over the world. After Gabrielle left Seattle for the East Coast, she organized a poetry slam in Buffalo, NY, and spearheaded more challenging film projects and poetry festivals.

It is too soon and I lack the words to properly express how much Gabrielle means to me and how deeply we will continue to feel her loss. I do, however, want to share the link to her performance on Indiefeed this week. The well wishes from other poets that follow the reading were intended to bolster her spirits. Sadly, she passed away before the segment could air. Joyfully, we can all revel in the love that Gabrielle inspired.

For indiefeed performance, click here.

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