30/30 Poetry Challenge, #1

It’s an exciting date for poets. April 1st starts the month long writing exercise called 30/30. The challenge is to write AND post 30 poems in 30 days. Poets are posting their raw creations on facebook, livejournal and personal blogs and websites. Word spreads quickly as great poems go out and the excitement builds throughout the month.

I am participating in 30/30 this year on my facebook page, and I’ve decided to post great poems from other poets in the 30/30. Ideally, I will pick one poem a day by another poet, but I am on tour. So, daily posting might be tough. Go easy on me.

If you are participating in 30/30 and you see a particularly awesome poem by someone else, please let me know!

My pick for today is this poem by NYC’s Jon Sands. Reposted with his permission.

Truth Parade

“It’s a puzzle, play with me”
Jeanann Verlee

If my left wrist were 360 degrees of rind
pulled slowly from a grapefruit,
I would eat my bones with a sharp spoon.

If my knees were New York City,
I’d run in my sleep
and be allergic to doctors.

If the crook of my right elbow were a dinner party,
I would only invite crazy people. I’d soak their feet
in cherry juice and stuff them with macaroni salad.

If my lifeline was the Ohio River, I would wash Cincinnati
eighty-three times a day, until Buffalo Wild Wings sparkled
like a fraternity of brand new quarters.

If my heart were an uptown 4 express train, two things:
I would never have to write this poem.
I’d only go to East 72nd street on the late night.

If my poems were a song, they’d be a Little Richard Song.
An extra slow song. A song
I let simmer on the stove for thirty-six hours.

If my penis were a city block, I’d like it to be in Brooklyn.
If the back of my eyes were the front, I still wouldn’t know
where I’m going to live next year.

If my nose were the freshest strawberry in Spanish Harlem,
I’d bathe it in chocolate sweeter than the first of April.
I wouldn’t let you have one bite.

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