Tour Stop #2…”The Bay”

The second stop on my book release tour was the Bay Area. I’m ashamed to say that I left my camera at home for the Berkeley show and have no funky pics of the first show! You will have to take my word that it was a fun night, full of old friends and great poetry. Charles Ekabhumi Ellick was a welcoming host as always.

The following night I performed along with C.R. Avery at Jamie DeWolf’s famous Oakland show “Tourettes without Regrets.”

The tag line for the Tourettes show is “the fight club of underground art.” I’ve heard about the show for years and approached the show with a dress made of wonder and a train made of fear. Tourettes has a reputation for a rowdy audience, boundary pushing performances and nudity. What I didn’t know is that the audience would top 300 in a comfortable warehouse space with a great stage.

Tourettes has a BIG room to fill with BIG performances

The show feature a world-class contortionist, a beat boxer-as-DJ, dirty haiku, an April Fool’s prank in which someone appeared to die on stage, a poetry slam and a troop of half-naked girls. It also featured my favorite act of the night, Jamie DeWolf performing “The Worst Poem you Ever Heard.” My great friend and old touring partner C.R. Avery performed a show stopping set, and the night was rounded out with an emcee battle.

Jen G with her Dirty Haiku Trophy

C.R. and I tried to remember lines from the poem the next day. We got the repeating mantra “my words can save your life cuz they’re sharp like a steak knife.” Jamie hit every hackneyed convention of spoken word and the audience loved it.

The Crew

As always I loved the great poets of the Bay Area. What a loving, generous, talented, spirited bunch of writers. Thanks to everyone who came out to see my show at the Berkeley Slam. I could feel the love!

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