Hugo House’s First Writer’s Conference!

On the weekend of May 21-23, Richard Hugo House hosts its first writers’ conference. The topic is: Finding Your Readers in the 21st Century. Our focus will be on exploring the changing literary landscape and the options available to writers for getting their work out in the world and into the hands of readers. While we will certainly look at traditional publishing models, what we’re really interested in is showcasing new possibilities that writers in our community may not be aware of, from the traditional to the off-the-wall. We’ll look at ways writers can promote themselves and their work directly to their readers, and offer hands on practical workshops on basic tools of the writing business from creating a pre-pub platform to building your own website.

Now this sounds right up my alley!

I will be participating in the following panel discussion along with David Schmader staff writer for The Stranger:

From Page to Stage: Sunday, May 23, 11:30-12:45

How to Give a Great Reading: Sunday, May 23, 3:45-5:00

Check out the other amazing offerings here!

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