Grandma ZAPP’s Rolling Thunderheart Mountain Variety Show (and Bake Sale)

Tonight, there is an amazing show at Hugo House to benefit ZAPP, the largest zine library in the country. Zapp needs and deserves your support and promises a fun and interesting show. 7pm TONIGHT!

Help ZAPP keep the lights on, the paper slicer sharp and the copier warm!

Come to “Grandma ZAPP’s Rolling Thunderheart Mountain Variety Show (and Bake Sale),” a reading and variety show featuring acclaimed graphic novelists Jim Woodring and Megan Kelso, among many others!

The variety show is a fundraiser to support and sustain ZAPP, Hugo House’s zine archive of more than 20,000 original, handmade publications.

Jim Woodring (“The Frank Book” and “Book of Jim”) and Megan Kelso (“The Squirrel Mother”) headline the variety show, which represents a coming together of Seattle’s DIY and comics’ communities and a gathering of friends of ZAPP, past and present. Also appearing will be Stranger artist Greg Stump; Max Clotfelter and Kelly Froh (“Stewbrew”); Zack Mandeville (“Funwater Awesome”); Lucy Morehouse (“Ong Ong”); Julia Lipscomb; Raleigh Briggs (as “Grandma ZAPP”); and music from Helen Parson. The variety show will be hosted by self-publishing star (and former ZAPP intern) Bryan Edenfield.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at:

There will be books, artwork and baked goods forsale. Sales from books and CDs go to benefit the artists. All other proceeds benefit ZAPP.

More info here:

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