Learn Then Burn, new poetry teaching anthology

I’m excited to see that Write Bloody’s anticipated anthology of classroom appropriate poems, Learn Then Burn, is now available!

Edited by Tim Stafford (Chicago author) and Derrick C. Brown (Write Bloody founder), Learn Then Burn features poems designed to engage students in the classroom. It includes 50 poems by poets like Ed Mabrey, Anis Mojgani, Dasha Kelly, Dane Kuttler, Geoff Kagan Trenchard, Joel Chmara, Kevin Coval, Robbie Q. Telfer, Shappy Seasholtz, Jeremy Richards and me!

From the editors: Learn Than Burn is an anthology of spoken word poetry designed to be used in the classroom. That means that there are no F bombs, S bombs, B bombs or any type of bomb. These are not watered down kiddie poems. These are poems from some of the slam world’s greatest, they just happen not to curse in them. The anthology includes a variety of poets, styles and forms.

In addition to the anthology, a teacher’s guide is forthcoming to accompany the anthology, including lessons, questions, prompts, worksheets, and rubrics to be used in the classroom. In lessons designed by Tim Stafford and Molly Meacham, performance poets and public school teachers, educators can find ideas to help design lesson plans.

To purchase a book, visit Write Bloody or Amazon.

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