Many Trails to the Summit, Poems by Northwest Poets

There is a fantastic new poetry anthology available on Rose Alley Press. “Many Trails to the Summit,” features poems by forty-two Pacific Northwest poets, edited by David Horowitz.


I’m thrilled to be included in this collection alongside writers like Cody Walker, Sherman Alexie, Elizabeth Austen, Robert Lashley, Belle Randall and so many more. It’s relatively easy to find poetry anthologies that focus on one school of writing or poetic form. In this collection, David Horowitz reached into diverse writing pools and neighborhoods to provide a range of perspectives and sounds representative of the Northwest. For that reason, this book is particularly exciting. I seem to find another poem in this collection to love everyday. Today, I’m into the poem “Sermon,” by Richard Wakefield.

There will be a series of readings supporting this anthology (many at Richard Hugo House.) For the schedule of those readings, visit the Rose Alley Events Page.  To purchase the anthology, visit the Rose Alley Purchasing Page and find out how and where to buy.

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  1. Posted by Robert Lashley on November 11, 2010 at 7:59 am

    I am thrilled to be in the collection with you too, Karen. David Horowitz is one of the finest poetry people I know, and I am excited to do readings for it.

    I hope to see you soon.


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