Seattle Poetry Slam 11/9

I’m a little behind on posting slam updates…SORRY GANG! Still, with the Seattle Poetry Slam CLOSED TONIGHT DUE TO SNOW, hopefully this slam wrap up will serve as a stand in. Enjoy this post by guest blogger, Dane Kuttler.

Hey, slam fans! Catching up from the week of November 9th, where the lovely Lucia Misch kicked off her first tour with a fantastic show. From the moment she hit the stage (in resplendent turquoise tights), she displayed an easy candor, quickly building rapport with the audience. In between poems, she bantered lightly – stories about the next poem’s origins, her childhood. I heard audience members call her “exuberant,” “playful” and “downright adorable,” and I agree with each of these assessments!

Lucia is most recently from Vancouver – a scene that made a name for itself this year at the National Poetry Slam with a stellar group rendition of RC Weslowski’s “Beauty Bobbo.” Vancouver is now known throughout the poetry community for bringing joy, levity, comedy and unabashed love. Ms. Misch is no exception – you can see the Vancouver in her with her piece about Herpes the hermit crab (which flips into a beautiful portrait of an imperfect father without the slightest ounce of sentimentality). As so many have before, Lucia brought a new piece (yeah, Seattle!) bearing the line “we muzzle-hearted used to be musicians.” Killed me, right there. Lucia departed with “There must be something wonderful in this here world,” which captured the very essence of her performance – a young poet, infused with hope, on the brink of something wonderful. Good luck, Lucia, and come back soon!

Open Mic Notes

Daemond Arrindell opened with “Pretend” by Buddy Wakefield – thank you!

Steve Subrizi, visiting up from the Bay area, began a funny piece about jerking off on public transportation with a perfect energy flip at the very end. I could hear practically people’s held breath.

Randy Shin – “awake with the promise of springtime” and “we are all born waiting for the train outta here” worked very nicely.

Patrick C did what is quickly becoming his customary cluster of loosely connected images. Got some audience love on a few lines.

Laura Watts bounded to the stage with her trademark rapport, and launched into “I’m sorry I threw up on you” which was completely hilarious – we have a real emerging comedic voice in Laura.

Greg Bee got up to plug his Requiem at the Bridge (you should go!) show, and followed it with a new piece that absolutely killed. “What alchemy quiets the biological imperative of an orange?” “Do I survive because I am strong? Worthy? Or because I have the knife?” Greg wins this week’s Dane’s Choice Award for being stellar about fruit.

Joanne, a newbie to the Seattle stage went with a sex poem with the line “caves into the longing.” Nice work!

Johnny Walker (remember him from last week? Laura’s friend?) covered his friend’s Callan’s poem – a poem to Laura titled “Ode to Beauty.” Had the audience sobbing.
Carrie Rudzinski all the way from Boston (NorthBEAST!) rocked it out with a poem about the house she grew up in. Think “aching arms of my bed.” Chilling, and georgeous.

Max Kesseler, also of NorthBEAST, followed with 3 open letters that worked seamlessly as one poem. Lovely.

Chase Evans closes it out with “Verbal abuse for change,” one of the best things I’ve seen from him yet. Good work, Chase!

Slam Notes

Now, a quick confession: I only stayed for the first round of the slam, so that’s all I’ve got. Sorry, slam fans! I promise there will be more next week.

Dane Kuttler sacrificed with “Freude,” her singing-about-Jesus poem to the tune of 22.5

Jack McCarthy followed with a hilarious piece about choking (forgetting a stanza) in performance. Rockets the score to a solid 26.

Dave Stanley does a rant at his mother. Time penalty brings him to 23.6

Korvus comes up next with “this poem has as many eyes as my son has chromosomes.” Nice work. 24.6

Barton Jackson brings out his “straight men” poem. Well performed – he’s really hitting his stride with that one. 25.9

Maya Hersh spits a new piece about class – “there is a coffee sized hole in my wallet.” Fantastic, and something no one else is writing about right now. Absolutely necessary work. 26.3

QB1, a newbie, bounds to the stage with great facial expression – he really owned it. His rhythm and rhyme got a little stiff, and may have hindered the content of his poem, but I want to see more. Come back! 23.0

Bruce V Bracken brings the same pantoum from last week, so I’m not going to review it here. 20.4

Megan Burbank, whom we’ve seen once before, came back with “the tiny women.” Used the word “soliloquized,” and thus won my heart forever. 22.7

Oscar twisted the ending of “C*cksucker” and nailed it. 23.9

Roma Raye finished it out with the I ❤ Boobies campaign about breast cancer paraphernalia. Well done.
A later-in-the-night text told me that Maya Hersh went home the well-earned winner. Congrats, and see you next week for Bill MacMillan!

Signing off,
~Dane Kuttler
Finneyfrock Slam News Correspondent

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