Kathmandu Part 2

Danny Solis and Matt Mason are two generous and talented traveling partners. While I sit in the hotel room reasoning with my body, they are out teaching two workshops and preparing for another performance without me.

Danny Solis and Matt Mason

Yesterday, we hosted the first ever youth Poetry Slam in Nepal. Over 80 STUDENTS from several school competed in a preliminary slam, with 20 students advancing to the finals next week. The talent was exceptional. Nepali students are naturally expressive and seem to have a high tolerance for stage fright. There is a rich poetic tradition in Nepal and the use of both narrative and lyrical poetry in the pieces was surprising. I struggled to write down some lines. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the poets name available and I may be paraphrasing:

Oh school, you grey prison

Oh principal, you lovely lion

Oh principal, you lovely lion

You have made me a crazy caterpillar

You have made me a crazy caterpillar

After the youth slam, we were treated to an exceptional experience. We were given a tour of Durbar Square by the conservator whose vision has preserved much of this endangered world heritage site. Getting to go into spaces usually closed to the public and see the excavation/conservation effort taking place was astounding. I feel so fortunate to have such thoughtful guides from the US Embassy and from here in Kathmandu.

Today I am still sick and holed up in my hotel room. But, I’m attempting to gather my forces and prepare for our upcoming trip to Nagarcot.

At least my convalescence allows me time to catch updates on the results from preliminary nights of the Individual World Poetry Slam. Although the second night’s ranks haven’t been posted yet, ranks after the first night of competition are available here: http://rewritingovid.net/IWPS/December8Results.pdf



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