Karen Gets Reviewed in BUST Magazine!

April/May edition of Bust

In the April/May edition of Bust, poet Amber Tamblyn reviewed my recent book of poems, Ceremony for the Choking Ghost. This is my first review in a national magazine and I feel incredibly lucky. I was once a young girl reading Bust and dreaming about publishing a book.

The review is complimentary and careful, a sincere appreciation of the work and I’m terribly flattered. I’m especially grateful to hear that the emotion feels “processed.” I was concerned about writing on such a personal topic (losing my sister), and felt that I risked emotionally spewing on my reader in a way that wasn’t a valuable emotional experience for reader and writer.

One clarification: my sister didn’t have cancer. This isn’t the first time this interpretation has appeared and I think it has to do with my sister passing away so young. People tend to assume that cancer is the culprit. My sister died from unexplained heart failure.

I’m so thankful to Amber Tamblyn and the funky ladies at Bust for this national exposure.

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