A City Arts Fest Collaboration Involving CHOCOLATE!

On Friday, October 21, I’ll be performing in the City Arts Festival as part of the Genre Bender Showcase, pairing artists from different genres for collaboration.

Here’s what the festival website says about the event:

GENRE-BENDER w/ Karen Finneyfrock, Rainbow Fletcher, Joanna Lepore, Mark Haim, Wes Hurley, Amy O’Neal, Mike Pham, Mark Haim & more

What’s a food poem? A dance film? A performance art musical? For the “Genre Bender” showcase, City Arts Festival is creating an exciting new platform for some of Seattle’s favorite theater, dance, food, music, literary and performing artists to create new projects (and new artistic genres) together. This summer, CAF will play match maker and assemble 4-6 teams of interdisciplinary artists who haven’t collaborated together before. Each team will receive $500 to create a brand new project to present one night only to the City Arts Festival audience. By intermixing artistic disciplines, these artists will experiment with the boarders of art to create new works that combine forces and stretch the limits of innovation.

Hosted by Amy O’Neal with new performances/projects/work by

Mark Haim (dance) & Casey Curran (visual art)
Amy O’Neal (dance) & Wes Hurley (film)
Karen Finneyfrock (poetry) & Joanna Lepore (food)
Mike Pham (performance) & Gretchen Bennett (visual art)
Rainbow Fletcher (dance) & Sean Johnson (visual art)
Evan Flory Barnes (music) & Jennifer Law (visual/scenic art)


I’ve been meeting with Joanna Lepore, a CHOCOLATE ARTIST, for several weeks now to find the intersection between spoken word and chocolate. Turns out, they might meet up someplace in the suburbs. Get your advance tickets now for Genre Bender. I expect it to sell out!

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