Reading at Grape Choice with Jack McCarthy

On Saturday –November 10, I’ll be reading at  WINE AND POETRY AT GRAPE CHOICE –KIRKLAND with Jack McCarthy!
Wine Tastings and Specials
Reserve the date–you won’t want to miss this!!!

Jack McCarthy,
Karen Finneyfrock

Mary Crane
ROX  aka  Stephen Roxborough

Featuring  spotlight readings from:
R.R. Seitz, David D. Horowitz and your host
Christopher J. Jarmick

We had an incredible reading at Grape Choice
in September in association with NorthWest
Bookfest, an enthusiastic standing room only
crowd –many who had not been to a poetry
reading in several years (if at all) attended.
The Jack McCarthy magic happened along
with several other readers including Greg Bee,
Redmond Poet Laureate Jeannine Hall Gailey,
and others.   Grape Choice Owner Penny
Sweet loved hosting the event and
immediately wanted to do another…
SO. . .   November 10th!!!

The Grape Choice (on the Kirkland
Waterfront) Adress:  9 Lakeshore Plaza, (aka 
9 Lake Street) Kirkland, WA 98033

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